Lifestyle Design Bloggers: Let’s Get To Know The Community Better Together

[update (as of 11:05 PDT, May 28th): participating blogs already confirmed include WebWorkerDaily, Digital Nomads, Nomadness, Slacker Reform, Muselife, Mind the Beginner, Technomadia, Exile Lifestyle, Intrepid Lifestyle, Jet Set Citizen, Live Uncomfortably, Mine Your Resources, Thrilling Heroics and Vagabonding (and your hosts, this blog and Location Independent). Thanks everybody for the support!]

As bloggers who cover lifestyle design, location independence or digital nomads, we’re all part of a growing community. Our community is full of people who ask “why wait until you’re rich or retired to live the life you really want to live?”

People who are part of this movement go about creating their ideal lifestyles in many different ways.

We write about many of those individual people and their methods, but questions about the community as a whole remain.

To answer these questions and help bring the community together, Free Pursuits and Location Independent are hosting a “Location Independent and Digital Nomad Survey.”

As fellow lifestyle design bloggers, we would love for you to join us in spreading the word and encouraging as many people as possible to take part so we can gain some real insights into our growing community.

If you’re interested in helping us spread the word about the survey, we’ll give you advance preview of the survey questions. We’ll also share the survey results with you (so you can blog about them) and give you recognition as a participant.

All we ask is that you write a short post asking your readers to participate on or after June 3rd. The survey will be open to all location independents and people who aspire to become it.

The survey will start on Wednesday, June 3rd. If you want to help, please check out the details below, and write me at “editor at” no later than Tuesday, June 2nd.



Lea Woodward

The Location Independent and Digital Nomad Survey

Hosted by:
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Lifestyle Design Bloggers, We Need Your Help!

What is the survey?

The Survey is an opportunity for the growing location independent and digital nomad community to understand more about the group (and those people who aspire to become location independent).

Do you ever wonder what other location independents do for a living? What about how many hours they work and whether they make more or less money than when they worked a regular job? What about where they live, how much time they spend traveling or whether they maintain a permanent home somewhere?

This is the type of information we will gather with your help. Answers to these questions will be indispensable in helping all of us better understand who makes up the community, and how we can better serve them.

Participating Blogs

This is where you come in! We are excited about the survey and want to share the results with the community. We need help in spreading the word about the survey to encourage as many participants as possible.

Imagine the wealth of data this could produce if we can get 100 or 500 or even 1000 fellow location independent professionals and digital nomads to participate!

If you have a blog that is focused on location independence, lifestyle design or digital nomads, we would love for you to help us by encouraging your readers to participate.

What do I get for participating?

  • Advance preview of the survey questions
  • Complete access to the survey results within 48 hours after the survey ends
  • Rights to write about the survey and results on your blog
  • Recognition as a participating blog (your logo) on the survey site*
  • Mention in the press release about the survey*

* All blogs are welcome to participate, however we reserve the right to limit the number of blogs listed in the press release and on the survey site based on the content and profile of each blog.

Who will be able complete the survey?

Anyone will be able to complete the survey. We will have two versions of the survey, one for people who are already location independent, and one for people who aspire to be.

People who complete the survey will get access to the summarized survey results 30 days after the survey is closed. They will also have the opportunity to be recognized (with a link to their Twitter page or website) in an upcoming post about the survey results at

I’m in! How do I help promote the survey?

Send a Twitter DM to @freepursuits or an email to and let us know that you want to be included.

To get an early preview of the survey questions, access to the results and to have your blog’s logo included, all you need to do is write a short post on your blog on or after June 3rd, 2009 about the survey asking your readers to participate. The post should explain what the survey is all about, and ask readers to complete the survey at: on or after June 3, 2009

You can participate in spreading the word about the survey anytime, but to be included in the press release about the survey, you must respond by June 2nd.

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