8 Standing Desk Options Under $639

I have used some form of standing desk for a little over four years now. I wrote about my experience for Zen Habits back in 2011 in this article: My Standing Desk Experiment.

My “standing desk” always consisted of some half-assed desktop solution, first just stacked boxes, then a clever device called The Stand Stand. I got the benefits of standing, but the setup was always a little bit of a hassle.

This week I found a much better solution on Craigslist. It’s a motorized desk that extends anywhere between 22″ and 48″ in height:

Being able to raise and lower my entire workstation at once (including monitor, microphone, etc.) is amazing. Now I find myself switching between sitting and standing much more naturally, instead of either staying seated (laziness) or standing (fatigue). 

This particular desk came slightly used out of a corporate environment. It measures 29″ x 70″ and gives me plenty of room.

highly recommend standing if you haven’t done it before. I feel much less sluggish during the afternoon if I stand instead of sit. It helps thoughts flow more freely and I just feel more fit/active in general after a day of mixed sitting/standing.

If you’re looking for a similar standing desk, the UPLIFT is pretty close to the version I found on Craigslist, for around $650. This Erector Desk also looks pretty nice, but doesn’t include an electric raise/lower motor. If you’re super budget conscious, you can buy a kit to build a model similar to the Erector.

IKEA has an electric version called BEKANT, although I saw it in-store and thought it felt a little flimsy. One issue with bigger standing desks is stability at full height.

Here’s the full list of options mentioned in this article, and a handful of others from cheapest to most expensive:

  1. Stacked Boxes — whatever you have around the house (free)
  2. The Stand Stand ($69)
  3. The UpStanding Desk ($199)
  4. DIY Pipe Desk Kit (~$250 + table top)
  5. Used corporate desk like mine ($250 to $600 on Craigslist)
  6. IKEA BEKANT Desk ($489)
  7. The Erector Desk ($599)
  8. The UPLIFT Desk (starting at $639)

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