Quick Poll: Is Your Lifestyle Design Funded by Online or Offline Income?

The lifestyle design community tends to think about lifestyle design as something that involves working online. I personally am working towards supporting myself by working online, as are all the bloggers I know.

In “real life” however, I rarely meet people who actually earn a living online. For example, in Mexico we’ve met dozens of people who aren’t rich or retired and who live down here for 3-6 months each year. None of those people earn a living online. I’ve written about many of them and their unconventional lifestyles before.

I would love to find out from all of you whether your lifestyle design is funded (or will be funded) by online or offline income. If you have a second, please answer the poll below. If you have details you’d like to share in addition to your answer, you can also leave a comment.

Please answer twice, once for how you CURRENTLY earn a living, and once for how you PLAN TO earn a living.


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