Site Update: Hello from Mexico, Special Offer and New Projects

view from balcony¡Hola de Mexico! (Hi from Mexico!)

We arrived this week in the beautiful Costalegre (the “Happy Coast”) on the Mexican Pacific. Life is grand down here, and pretty much what we remember from last year. Sun, surf, good food and great people all abound.

The picture to the right is one I shot yesterday from the balcony of our apartment. We’re beachfront and loving it. The only thing missing is a solid internet connection in the apartment. Hopefully I’ll work that out in the next few days.

Special Offer Next Week

I wanted to briefly let you know about a special offer I’ll be running next week involving Chris Guillebeau. If you are a fan of Chris and his writing, definitely watch for more info here early next week. You’ll have a chance to get some special one-on-one access to Chris and me.

If you don’t know Chris, head over to The Art of Non-Conformity where he writes about his travels around the world, how to run a very small business and world domination.

Other New Projects in the Works

While I’m down here in Mexico, I will also be starting work on two other new projects. I can’t say too much so far, but I’m really excited about both.

One project will involve a collection of “blueprints” for lifestyle designers. If you’ve wondered exactly how people are able to live unconventional lives full of travel, passionate work, ample free time and the ability to do what you want, this project is for you. I’ll be sharing details and secrets of how lots of different people have made lifestyle design a reality.

The other project is about how to build website traffic. Getting visitors to your site is the hardest part of building a successful website or blog. It’s the thing most people struggle with. The goal of this new project will be to help you grow enough traffic to really crush your goals online.

That’s it for now. I’m sorry I can’t share more about the new projects yet, but they’re in early development. As always, if you have anything you’d like to chat with me about directly, feel free to write anytime.



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