Survey Results Round-up and Thank You


We released the results from the first Location Independent and Digital Nomad Survey last week to blogs who participated in spreading the word. Since then, a number of those blogs have written about the results. Here’s a quick round-up of those articles:

Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding
Survey results: ‘location independence’ isn’t just for the young and single

Mind the Beginner
Location independence explored (The survey results are in)
The 86 fears of (aspiring) location independent professionals and digital nomads

Get Paid to Write Online
Ten Reasons To Live The Nomadic Lifestyle

And, here are two that I published here at Free Pursuits:
The Results are In!
64 Ways Location Independent People Earn a Living

I also wanted to say thank you to all the 268 people who completed the survey. Your responses will help the community better understand how we can help each other. In the survey, we asked if you wanted to be mentioned in this post about the results. If you answered yes, you’re in the list below.

We’ll be sending a copy of the results to everyone who completed the survey on July 7th. Until then, check back here for more results from this and your other favorite participating blogs.

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Thanks to the following people who completed the survey:

Alan Cheung (
Alan Perlman @alanperlman (
Alexander Greisle @agreisle (
Amy Hale (
Anda Lincoln @andalinc (
Andrew @youngmaven14 (
Andy Gray @GrayAndy (
Andy Shackcloth @Le_Shack (http:/
Anne Bolender Edwards @bolender (
Archie M.
Benny Lewis @irishpolyglot (
Brandon Pearce @brandags (
Carmen @nunomad (
Carter Stewart @TransWorld (
Charlotte Bowen @acbowen
Cheng Lau @chenglau
Cherie Ve Ard @Technomadia (
Chick J (
Chris Wik @AnuInternet (
Chris Dyer (
Christiaan Hillen @ChristiaanH (
Christopher Carruth (
Cody Robert @codyrobert (
Cody McKibben @codymckibb (
Cody Meck (
Cool Wired @Coolwired (
Corbett Barr @freepursuits (
Corinne Stoppelli @corinne (
Daniel McClure @danielmcclure (
Daniel Maggs @danmaggs (
David Walsh @dvdwlsh (
Dawn McCaslin @Laerkin
DeeAnne White @livethchrmdlife (
Diogo Slov @diogo
Don Makoviney @donmak (
Ed @edgaile
Ed Helvey @LiveandWorkFree (
Elizabeth Briel @ebriel (
Emmanuelle Archer @emmanuelle_a (
Eric Mueller @EricMueller (
Essi Eulalie
Fabio Alves @fabiompalves (
Felicia Dale (
George Angus @tumblemoose (
George Horning @georgehorning (
Graham Woodring (
Greg Rollett @g_ro (
Henri Bergius @bergie (
Iain @thetraveller (
Jacqueline Yao @avaronm
James NomadRip @NomadRip
James Free
James Shannon (
Jean Moncrieff @eyejean (
Jessalyn Haggenjos (
Jessica Lin @jextex (
Jimmy Criminal @jimmycriminal (
Jo Benrais @mrsmena (
Jonathan Kalmes @smthng (
Juan Medin @JuanMedin (
Juha Liikala @jliikala (
Julie Gibbons @peoplemapsjulie (
Justin Isaf @JustNomadic (
Justin Cooke @Justin_Cooke
Karla Silver @20hrWorkWeek (
Kerri Weisgerber @kerrilw
Kim Wood @kim__wood (
Kwan Booth @Boothism (
Kyle Wiebalk @kwwphoto (
Lee Herman @macbikegeek (
Leigh Haugseth @leighhaugseth (
Leroux Sébastien @nammu_ch (
Luis Bergmann (
Luke Stevenson (
Malia Yoshioka @maliayoshioka (
Marcie Barnes @marciebarnes (
Martin Schatz (
Melda Ercan @ozlemercan (
Myron Tuttle @myrongt (
Nakul Malik (
Nicole Relyea @nicolerelyea (
Phil Burrows @peburrows (
Rasheed Hooda @CoachHappiness (
Rene Agredano @LiveWorkDream (
Renee Wathelet @endirectdesiles (
Richard Stupart (
Roberta Westwood @citytravelbug (
Ronnie Ledesma @ronnieledesma (
Ross Collicutt @rcthink (
Roy Blumenthal @RoyBlumenthal (
Sarah Dillon @sarahdillon (
Scott Gamble @mobios (
Scott Sowle @streetaspirations (
Sean Lance @zenkrak (
Sean Ogle @seanogle (
Shelly Leonard @shellyleonard (
Simon Payn @simonpayn (
Simon Mackie @spiky_simon (
Sinead Mac Manus @sineadmacmanus (
Somone Bull (
Stephen Smith @hdbbstephen (
Steve Smith (
Steven Roberts @nomadness (
Sue Jeffels @suejeff (
Susan @culturetrek (
Susan Stone @travelngrow
Theresa Horezga @THorezga
Tim Patterson @TCPatterson (
Tim Leffel @timleffel (
Tina Kiker @twohandsandfire
Vivi Page (
Vonn New (
W Heck @walterheck (
William Underwood
Zach Morris (
Zaid Hisham @zaidhisham
@AikoOtsego (
@techcheatsheets (
@shirtjax (
@coworkingstpete (
@cubomagico (

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