The System

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

Most anything worth improving or accomplishing in life requires repetition and sustained focus. You probably have several things you want to improve right now related to health, wealth, career, or relationships.

How many times have you committed to changing something in your life, only to watch that ideal life fall by the wayside weeks later?

The key to lasting change and the sustained focus it takes to make those changes is having a system. You need a system that gives your priorities the attention they need daily. Your system has to become a rote part of your day.

No single system works for everyone. Personally, I adapt mine a couple of times a year (see my complete calendar and experiments with the Balanced app for modifications I’ve recently made, and have since moved on from).

Your system can be as simple as a daily planning routine and review, based in a spreadsheet or note taking app.

The important thing is that you recognize the importance of having a system. Without one, your intentions are too easy to lose sight of over time.

I'm Corbett Barr, founder of Fizzle and Palapa and co-host of The Fizzle Show. This is where I write about building businesses, living the good life, and doing work that matters. More about me »

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