Unautomate Your Finances and Change Your Life

Unautomate Your FinancesAdam Baker from Man Vs. Debt has had an incredible year.

He and his wife Courtney took control of their financial lives last year after $80,000 in non-mortgage debt nearly led to disaster.

Instead of continuing down the path of least resistance, Baker and Courtney sold most of their stuff, paid off tons of debt and moved halfway around the world to Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. All of this was with their new toddler Milligan in tow.

Baker also managed to build a 5,000 subscriber personal finance blog on top of all that. He’s the kind of guy who really gets sh*t done.

Baker packaged up all of the knowledge, tips and tricks he used to radically change his life over the past year into one awesome guide called Unautomate Your Finances that launches today.

Check out Unautomate Your Finances now

Baker sent me a sneak preview of UYF last week and it had a major impact on me. I ended up spending the whole day tearing apart my finances and “getting intimate” with them again (as Baker likes to day) after reading the guide.

We’re told to “automate your finances… so you can spend time doing what truly matters.” The problem is that automation lets you become financially desensitized.

Once you’re desensitized to how your cash is coming and going, the next step is losing control. The guide makes a convincing argument that “unautomating” your finances is the quickest path to financial freedom.

If you’re not happy with your financial situation, Unautomate Your Finances is a must read. Getting control over your finances is the first step towards living your dream, and UYF will make you take that first step. Seriously, check it out. This is exactly the guide I wish had existed before I became debt-free.

Check out Unautomate Your Finances now

(Yeah, that’s an affiliate link. This guide is that good. There’s an awesome intro video by Baker and the guide includes a foreword by and interview with Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and an interview with J.D. Roth of GetRichSlowly.)

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