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Do you ever feel like you’re enjoying your work so much that you’re not getting enough of it? Lately I’ve felt really motivated to buckle down and get a lot of things accomplished work-wise. I guess that’s what happens when you start doing something you’re passionate about, as I am about this blog, lifestyle design and all the other projects I’m involved in.

I’m not suggesting I don’t need work-life balance anymore. This just happens to be a period where I know what needs to be done, and I don’t mind working hard to get ahead. Don’t worry, I’ll get my balance in when we head to Mexico for two months this winter.

Anyways, I mentioned last week that I was working on a couple of new projects. I’ve gotten a lot of fantastic help and contributions from those of you who offered to help beta test. Side note: one of the great benefits of blogging is that it’s easy to get help with new projects when the need arises when you have awesome readers like I’ve managed to connect with this year.

One of those projects I’ve been working on is almost ready to be released to a wider audience. Next Tuesday, I’ll be launching a new site in public beta that aims to help entrepreneurs build online businesses. It’s completely free and the feedback I’ve gotten so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Check back here next Tuesday, November 11th to become part of the public beta of the new site.

San Francisco Meetup

Last week, I was lucky enough to connect in-person with Derek Johanson of Live Uncomfortably. Derek wrote a guest post here a few months back called The No B.S. Guide to Designing Your Own Life, and I was glad he looked me up while he’s spending some time in the Bay Area. Derek is a really smart, thoughtful guy who is up to a bunch of interesting things. Check out his blog if you get a chance.

Anyways, over a couple of beers, Derek suggested that we should have an informal meetup here in San Francisco. I thought it was a great idea, and we’re planning to do just that next week on Wednesday, November 12th at 8pm.

There is no agenda for the meetup. We just thought it would be fun to connect in person with people who read our blogs or who we’ve gotten to know online.

If you’re interested, send me an email. I’ll let you know the details. We will be meeting somewhere in the Mission neighborhood of SF.

Have a great weekend. I hope to see some of you next Wednesday evening. Don’t forget to check back here for the beta launch of my new site on Tuesday.

photo by werkunz1

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