5 Powerful Short Videos to Help You Crush Self Doubt

I don’t like to talk about it, but I wrestle with self doubt almost every day. Before writing something or shooting a video, that feeling pops up, like “who are you to be making this thing. Why does anyone care what you have to say?”

Sometimes the voice wins, sometimes I’m able to ignore it and finish what I was working on.

When you struggle with self doubt like this, it’s easy to imagine there are people out there who never feel it. The boldest among us, the stars of new media, the leaders of new companies, these people must not feel self doubt, right? They seem to be so damn confident and sure all the time.

In my unscientific studies on self doubt, it seems actually that everyone feels it to some degree. Some amount of self doubt is useful, otherwise we’d all become dangerous egomaniacs. Even the most successful people experience self doubt, and it can actually help make sure you’re making good decisions, like a built-in second opinion to your latest “great idea.”

On the other hand, some people deal with crippling self doubt, the kind that keeps you from doing almost anything new at all. I know people personally who’s lives have been defined by self doubt. It’s tragic.

I don’t have some secret to share with you today for conquering self doubt, and I don’t have some weak 5-point plan. Self doubt is very real, and it’s something you absolutely have to learn to manage if you want to accomplish great things in your life or career.

Acknowledging that you have self doubt is the first step. Being aware of how it affects your decisions can go a long way to being able to manage it better.

This is all part of the ultimate goal of self awareness and discipline…

Anyway, I don’t have a quick fix for you today, but I do have five videos that have helped me kick self doubt in the huevos again and again.

If you’re feeling down about yourself and doubting whether you should follow through on that thing you’re thinking about, watch one or all of these short videos for a boost of confidence:

Steve Jobs on one simple truth about life:

Gary Vaynerchuk on doing shit you hate:

Alan Watts on the real point of life:

Scott Dinsmore on finding and doing work you love:

And, of course, motivation from Shia LaBeouf (turn your speakers down, there is some yelling involved):

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