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Location Independent just published a guest post that I wrote about how taking a sabbatical can be a great way to start a new life of location independence. I would like to take this moment to welcome anyone reading Free Pursuits for the first time.

This blog is all about lifestyle design. We try to answer the general question, “why wait until you’re rich or retired to live the life you really want to live?”

For some, living the life you really want to live might mean becoming location independent or a digital nomad.

For others, it may mean finding more time to spend with friends or family, or to help others less fortunate. Still for others, the good life might involve fulfilling your creative passions or jet-setting around the globe.

Whatever your case may be, this blog will show you how people are using creativity and technology to live the good life now.

Welcome! Please take a minute to look around.

Here are some posts to get you started:

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photo by Mika Hiironniemi

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