What Are You Working Toward and What’s Holding You Back?

I want to ask you a very important question today.

What are you working toward, and what’s holding you back?

OK, I guess that’s really two questions.

We all have goals, and we all encounter roadblocks along the way. If you’ve been following the posts here lately, you know that I’m all about motivating you to do something important. I want you to be as awesome as you want to be, and build a business or career doing something you love. And I want to help.

Your answers will help me help you.

These two questions are important for three reasons.

First, admitting in public what you’re working toward and admitting the roadblocks you’re facing is an important step. It shows that this is more than just a thought rattling around your head. It’s a real, live goal worthy of admitting to the world and pursuing.

Second, what you share might help inspire someone else reading this.

Third, I like to check in from time-to-time to find out what you’re up to so I can offer advice and share my experience to better help you reach your goals.

So let’s hear it.

If you have a minute right now, I’d love to know what you’re working toward at the moment.

What are you trying to change about your life? What’s your biggest and most pressing goal? What’s keeping you from achieving that? What are you frustrated by? What makes you think about throwing in the towel sometimes?

Please share in the comments. There is no right answer. Just tell me what you could use the most help with right now.

I'm Corbett Barr, founder of Fizzle and Palapa and co-host of The Fizzle Show. This is where I write about building businesses, living the good life, and doing work that matters. More about me »

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