What’s Your Definition of Freedom? (Mine Changed Last Week) Plus: My Latest Attempt at Video

This week I’d love to find out, what is your definition of freedom?

It might sound cheesy, but I think about the concept of freedom a lot. What is freedom really? Is it living in a free country? Not having debts? Being financially independent? Being location independent? Being happy as often as possible? Doing what you love for a living?

There are lots of possible answers, and I’d love to hear what freedom means to you. If you’re like me, your answer will probably contain a few different components.

I got a little taste of a different type of freedom last week. Thanks everybody for the amazing response to my “33 Things” post. It made me feel on top of the world. And it made me understand a different type of freedom: the freedom of self-expression.

I also came across this quote along the same lines: “The freedom we are looking for is the freedom to be ourselves, to express ourselves.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

So my definition of freedom now includes self expression as a key component. I explain why in this brief (3 minute long) video. I haven’t done video for over a year, and I think I might do more. I really like the format for topics like this.

Should I do more video? Let me know that as well in the comments.

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