When Your Product Doesn’t Sell, Here’s Why

When you launch an online product, like an ebook or a course and get no real sales, the first step is to diagnose the problem.

Generally, either:

  1. You didn’t have enough people visit the sales page, or
  2. People visited your site, but they weren’t convinced enough to buy, or
  3. Some combination of the above (not enough visitors combined with low conversions)

From a totally-ballpark-sales-conversions-perspective, you might expect 1 out of every 50-200 people who visit your sales page to purchase something (a 0.5% to 2% conversion rate).

If your numbers were better than that, you just need to drive more visitors to your sales page (via blogging, podcasting, social media, advertising, press, etc.).

If your numbers were worse than 1 out of 100, you need to improve your sales page/offer and your product. Learn about effective copywriting and sales page conversions. Talk to prospective customers about what they like and don’t like about your product. Consider installing a “live chat” service on your sales page so you can find out what objections or questions people have that your page might not be answering.

If your product doesn’t sell, it really boils down to one of these two problems. Think systematically about solving your low sales problem and you should be able to earn some sales by addressing these two issues.

I'm Corbett Barr, founder of Fizzle and Palapa and co-host of The Fizzle Show. This is where I write about building businesses, living the good life, and doing work that matters. More about me »

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