5 Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block

If you’re unlucky enough to stumble onto a case of writer’s block now and then, here’s some quick advice about how to get over it.
Try one or more of these, in combination or alone.

This is partially a note to myself, for the next time I get stuck, which brings me to the very first tip:

1. Write a note to yourself, as instructions about how to accomplish something specific that you’ve struggled with recently. By writing to yourself, it takes the pressure off, and many times the form will be useful to others if you decide to publish it (like this post itself).

2. Start writing, stream of consciousness style. Don’t edit, don’t think, just write what ever is popping into your head at the time. Once you get in the flow, you can switch over to something structured.

3. Set a small, fixed number of words to achieve before you allow yourself to get up. Make it ridiculously doable, like 100 words, or even 50. Getting even a handful of words out when you feel blocked can build confidence and get the wheels turning.

4. Write a short rebuttal to something you’ve previously published. Take the complete opposite stance, and rebuff each point as a staunch critic would.

5. Write something intentionally horrible. Make every sentence nonsensical. Make each word juvenile. Be dumber than dumb, weirder than orange, smellier than cabbage. Write stuff. And more stuff. Misspel junk. Jerk around on the page. Jus make the words come out, fer fun even. Pertend you dun no how to reed. See what I did there?


Getting over writer’s block feels so amazing. It’s not just writing that starts to flow, everything seems to function better both mentally and physically when writing comes easily.

Have any other tips to share about beating writer’s block?

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